Lecturing Live At The Magic Castle DVD 3巻セット


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☆Volume 1:

21st Century Cane
Magic Cassette Player
Extra Long Thumb Tip
Vanishing a Large Silk
Impromptu Side Table
Practical Folding Box
Vanishing Want to Silks
Making a Vanishing Flute
The Vanishing Candle
Flat Folding of a Silk
Lighter to Matches
One Handed Color Changing Lighter
Silk from Flame
Covered Vanishing Candle
Easy Candle to Silk
Candle to Ball
Candle to Silk to Cane
Preventing Fluid Evaporation
Ribbon and Candle

☆Volume 2:

Color Changing Canes
No Tapes For Color Change
Cane to Double Bouquets
Loading the Bouquets
Fixing a Damaged Coil
Patriotic Changing Canes
Cane to Flag
Lighter to Cards Fan
Vanishing Candle with Card Fan
Appearing Lit Candle
Appearing a Vanishing Candle
Repairing Spring Tension
Pull-Reel Vanishing Candle
Self-Holding Extended Candle
Holding and Palming the Candle
Using Double Sided Tape
Card Sword Cane
Cha-Cha Rope Penetration

☆Volume 3:

The Challenger Gimmick
One Handed Vanishing Cane
Cane to Silk to Lit Candle
The Challenger Candle
Vanishing the Appearing Candle
Appearing Candle from Sleeve
Silk from Cigarette Lighter
Thumb Tip to Prevent Evaporation
Improved Zig-Zag Card
Flaming Thumb Tip
Thimbles with Vick Cap
Sure Lit-Match Production
Bic Hole Penetration
Bill inside Bic Lighter
Silk through Tumbler
A Generous Magician (Ropes)