Ethereal Dreams Limited Poker Playing Cards


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Ethereal Dreams Limited Poker Playing Cards



デジタルデザイアの傑作アートワークをフィーチャーしています。この素晴らしいカードのアートワークはすべて、Digital Desiresというアーティストによって制作されました。彼女はこのデッキを作るために、直感的なビジョナリーコンシャスネスの領域を訪れたと述べています。彼女が呼び出したイメージは、感情、雰囲気、意味、象徴に富んでいます。




ジョーカーズ ジョーカー」を表現するために、私たちはタロットの大アルカナから最も重要で印象的な2枚のカードを選びました。ジョーカーという文脈では、「死」のカードと「力」のカードが生と死の両方を表しています。


ボーナスカード2枚 この素敵なトランプには2枚のボーナスイラストが入っており、手品に使ったり、追加のジョーカーやワイルドカードとして使用することができます。


Ethereal Dreams illustrated poker decks are standard 52 card decks (plus jokers) designed for traditional gameplay. The tuck box features gold foil stamped and embossed lettering on the Autumn themed packaging.

Featuring masterpiece artwork by Digital Desires. All of the artwork for these exquisite cards was created by an artist named Digital Desires. To create these decks she describes visiting an intuitive realm of visionary consciousness. The images that she summoned are lush with emotion, mood, meaning, and symbolism.

Stunning Feminine Archetypes: All the cards including Kings and Jacks are visualized as feminine characters. While many of the images portray traits often associated with masculine characters, these traits are proudly expressed by an all-feminine cast. The symbolic archetypes of these cards honor the vast feminine domain of consciousness and imagination.

Card backs feature a mirrored design. A subtle drop shadow gives the impression of real depth.

Four Color Suits: With a distinct font and four vibrant colors, the corner indexes are easy to identify. Even among all the varied textures and background colors you can easily read the cards (and the hand you were dealt) at a glance.

The Jokers: To represent the Jokers we chose two of the most significant and striking cards from the Tarot Major Arcana. In this context as Jokers, the Death card and the Strength card represent both life and death.

This beautiful and affordable deck of playing cards features art from the tarot deck's Autumn card art on the front and the Ace of Hearts on the back of the box. The high-quality casino-grade card paper was chosen for its great hand feel and lasting durability.

Full-color interior printing represents the temple of the soul, so your cards are encased in a meditative candlelit space, even when they are not in use.
Cards printed on premium 310gsm, black core stock
High-quality casino grade paper with linen finish
State-of-the-art offset CMYK printing
Full-color interior tuck box printing
Embossed, foil stamped, and laminated tuck box
Premium quality 350gsm paper stock
2 bonus cards: These lovely playing card decks include two bonus illustrations that can be used for magic tricks, as extra jokers or as wild cards.