Jazz Stripes Playing Cards


フェイスはスペードAと絵札以外は通常のバイシクル のイメージです。

ケース上部の切り込み線のところから、両手でしっかりと持ち ひねるように開けてください。



"If the tuck box design looks vaguely familiar, that's probably because you've seen this design before - in the 1990s, or perhaps more recently. The jagged scribble of crayon-like teal with a zig-zag of purple-blue was found everywhere at one time, especially on wax paper cups and disposable plates. Thanks to 90s nostalgia, this distinctive pattern has seen a revival of interest, and has become a visual meme that has been plastered on everywhere from hoodies to socks, and even to decorate cars! So why not playing cards?" -Ender's Game Review, Reviewer

Full Review Get ready to become nostalgic. Jazz Stripes are inspired by the classic '90s Solo cup design.

The dual "wave" back design allows flourishes and fans to connect, forming a seamless wave. The edgeless design is printed with vibrant Pantone colors.

The custom-designed, cigarette-style tuck case is constructed in a durable soft touch stock, with silver foil accents and spot gloss on the wave design.

Cards are printed on Superlux B9 stock created by Cartamundi. A durable stock that fans and can handle flourishing with ease.

Limited edition of 6,000 decks.

Printed in Europe by Cartamundi.