Lazy Man's Penetrations by Danny Urbanus ダウンロード版




クラッシックの仲間入りを果たしてしまいそうな、DANNY URBANUSの


"The Lazy Man’s Penetrations is a really good impromptu effect. Everything can be examined before and after the performance. I am not surprised that it is going to become a classic in rubber band magic." -Chinese Magic Reviews, Reviewer

"This is so visual, I can watch it all day"
- Hanson Chien

This is Lazy Man's Penetrations, the best rubber band penetration you will ever see.

An updated version of Bacon Fire's Lazy man penetration/Lazy go. It was already a dream coming true.

But it just got better. Now instantly penetrate a pen in and out of a rubber band -- even penetrate it thru both layers of the rubber band. This is so visual it seems like visual effects.

You will learn 2 versions.
Penetrate a pen thru the top layer of the rubber band in and out
Penetrate a pen thru both layers of the rubber band.
- Easy to do
- Impromptu
- No gimmicks

So get a rubber band and a pen and let's learn Lazy Man's Penetrations!

What people say about Lazy Man's Penetrations:

"You must try this!"
- Bacon Fire

"Undeniably one of the strongest pieces of rubber band magic I have ever seen!"
- Joe Pequerrucho

Download the video and start learning!